Palangkaraya is the capital city of the Indonesian province Central Kalimantan, situated between the Kayahan and the Sabangau rivers. The population of the municipality is 160,018 (As of 2000 census). The closest airport serving the city is Tjilik Riwut.

The city, along with other parts of central Kalimantan (such as the town of Sampit), was the site of ethnic violence between the indigenous Dayak people and Madurese immigrants in February and March 2001. Several thousand Madurese, who had moved to Kalimantan as long as twenty years earlier, were evacuated to other islands to escape the violence. 

The major population is Muslim while there are also Christian and Dayak people among them. The Museum Balanga offers an insight into Kalimantan cultures.

The city is famous with its local dish of Patin bakar (Grilled River Fish), Nasi kuning (Yellow Rice), sop rotan(Rattan Soup). Some famous and popular delicacies also come from the neighbouring province of South Kalimantan. Soto Banjar and Ketupat Kandangan are the two famous food from South Kalimantan.

Many people in Palangka Raya spoke Indonesian language as well as the local dialects such as Dayak Ngaju, Dayak Maanyan etc. However, the usage or Banjar Language is more observable than the local Dayak dialects.

Two main traditional market are available in Palangka Raya. Better known as ‘Pasar Besar’ or big market and Pasar Kahayan offer many types of goods. These markets are the place to go for people to get their food supplies such as rice, meats, fishes, vegetables, spices etc.

There are also abundant mini markets as well as super markets. The growing city also have a shopping mall named Palangka Raya Mall or PALMA. The shopping mall is located right at the heart of the city which is at the Bundaran Besar.


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