The Beauty of Berau Marine Area

Berau regency resides in upstate East Kalimantan Province has with wide region but rare population of resident that is only about 100 thousand men. Tourism potency that grows in this area is sea tourism especially Derawan Island with the beautiful marine park and other islands that entering in Berau regency region. Segah River and Kelai River meet in Berau city, before have estuary to sea. During then, this Berau city ever has become two small empires location that are Gunung Tabur and Sambaliung. The location of those palace is faced each other Gunung Tabur Palace located in Segan riverbank whereas Sambaliung palace reside in Kelai riverbank. Gunung Tabur Palace now functioning as museum, which is containing of various monarchic relics like chair an empire, bed, ceramic that is including a cannon being found in forest by the first king of Gunung Tabur Palace.


Derawan Island is preserve area that went out to sea, part of Sangalaki island, which is located not far from offshore Batu foreland, between Berau and Tarakan. This island has beautiful panorama with clean white coast with adjoining coconut palm forest, and a number of small villages encircle island. This place has known as sea tourism location especially for dive and snorkeling activities. Although situation of outlying, but the popularity of Derawan Island and islands in vicinity increasingly as location sea tourism. The marines around Derawan Island is rich with fish especially a kind of fish that always forage on the surface of water whereas birds fly above it to pounce adrift food on the sea. Green tortoise, which is scarce laid eggs along the Derwan Island beach, is not far from diving Derwan Dive Resort location. You will not meet car or motor in this island while electrics only live a few nocturnal clocks.


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